I am K.Raghavendran and I believe in Open Source – Knowledge Sharing for All, For FREE.

I have a Bachelors In Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Masters in Technology in Embedded Systems and Robotics and currently pursuing a PG Course in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

I have worked on many technologies like Electronic Circuits, Programming, 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, IoT, Drones and Aeromodelling using Open Source Software. I like to work on as many tech-things as possible at a time, enjoying every-day as I learn. My father always says; Good Health and Good Heart will take you places Good Money solely can never touch upon. I also like to Make Graphics, Edit Videos and develop Hand’s On ( Not The Expert Level ) Curriculum to enable people to get started; WELCOME TO THE GARDEN OF AI.

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The aim of Garden of AI is to Learn AI While I Teach AI – For FREE.

All you need is a fairly ok Laptop/Desktop with Windows and Internet Connection to deep dive into the world of AI. Once you complete the course you can now walk the Path Alone, THE INTERNET IS THE FRIEND.

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